Trading Workstations

Trading Workstations
What’s the difference between trading workstations and a multiple monitor trading computer? Well, the short answer is power, screen capability and to be frank, reliability. But in actuality it’s not really that simple. Trading workstations are a somewhat complex combination of machinery designed to function, fast and furious. In this article I’m going to show you the difference between a multiple monitor trading computer and trading workstations. After you’ve finish reading this article, you should be able to make an informed decision about your next computer, and hopefully you’ll opt for the trading workstation over typical multiple monitor trading computers.
When someone says to me that they have a multiple monitor trading computer, you know what comes to mind? I think cheap, plain and simple; a computer that they bought at Best Buy or some other big name retail store. Not that there is anything wrong with the computers that Best Buy sells. In fact, they carry Compaq, Dell, Acer and some of the other top consumer computers. These computers are great if you are a college student, or for some basic office needs. But if you are a day trader, Forex trader, or other commodities broker, you livelihood absolutely depends not just on your computer functioning, but on it functioning at its absolute peak performance, every single time.
If you’ve bought your computer at one of these retailers, through in an extra video card- even if it’s the best that you could buy, you run the risk of malfunction. This could cost you thousands of dollars, and in some cases, millions of dollars. So you should be asking yourself, is that a risk worth taking to save a couple thousand bucks. It’s true, you may have a multiple monitor trading computer, but you absolutely do NOT have a multiple monitor trading workstation.
So you know what a multiple monitor trading computer is, but are trading workstations? Trading workstations are computer systems specifically designed to handle high stress work load causes by running multiple programs which are very resource dependent. When a trading workstation is designed, it is done so with the specific knowledge that you will be working for long hours, and rely on the data you receive and send to be processed efficiently and correctly every single time. In fact, if the video card you purchase is not workstation certified, then you could risk data down time. The result of data downtime is money lost as you spend time, money and energy trying to recover what’s already been lost.
If you are not sure what to look for when you buy your trading workstation, make sure you ask the person building the computer if the video card you are purchasing is workstation certified. Also, I highly recommend sticking with a company that serves primarily at trading workstation design and building. If you are in doubt, then it would probably be best to go with another company. After all, the risks of crash and burn in this case do not out weight the benefits of saving a few dollars.