Dual Monitor Configuration

A dual monitor array is created for better visibility and more productivity. The dual monitor array may be horizontal or vertical by use of two or more than two monitors. The standard horizontal setup of monitors array always gives the feeling of a natural workstation. One workstation you may use for your internet gateway for checking emails and internet surfing. The other screen may used for viewing the non internet based functions. The vertical dual monitor array is more useful for day traders and online poker players in comparison to normal users. Any size of monitor will be fine for setup of dual monitor. Any size from 17” monitors to 26” monitors. The dual monitor configuration is very simple.


If you have a basic knowledge of computer hardware, You may configure the setup of dual monitor arrays on your own. One monitor works as primary monitor. When you switch on the computer  the logon dialog box will be displayed in primary monitor. Initially all programs will be displayed in primary monitor. You may set different screen resolution and color setting for each monitor. The dual monitor configuration will be done by connection of monitors to individual video adapters or one video adapter with many outputs. Now go to control panel and click on appearance and themes. Then click on display which you’ll see in the settings tab. Click on indentify which will display a large number on each monitor. Icons will be matched by monitors. Now by clicking and dragging the monitors’ icons, you may arrange the display on monitors.