Dual Monitor Setups

Dual monitors are becoming increasingly popular around the world due to their user friendliness, and because of increased in productivity of work. They may take a bit more space due to use of more monitors, but because of the increased productivity, the result is more money.  How you ask? Being able to run more programs and open more windows simultaneously reduces the need to bounce back and forth between tabs. It saves time and increases the productivity of which the end result is a bigger bottom line. The procedure for setting up dual monitors is very simple. With the right device you can even create dual monitors setups yourself.

One of the dual monitors, known as primary monitor,  will show the logon windows when switching on the computer. Initially all programs will be displayed in primary monitor. You may set different screen resolution and color setting for each monitor. The dual monitor setups will be done by connection of monitors to individual video adapters or a video adapter with many outputs. Now open the control panel and click on appearance and themes. Click on display which will show settings tab. Click on indentify which will display a large no on the one monitor. Icons will be matched by monitors. Now by clicking and dragging the monitors’ icons, you may arrange the display on monitors. It will complete the basic dual monitor setups. The concept of dual view is used in case of video adaptors is having more than one output.