Gaming with Multiple Monitors

Video gaming has turned to be a big business and many software companies are now involved in developing gaming system components. Gaming system components include the gaming consoles, high definition monitors, and other external peripherals. As per the advanced terminologies and patterns, people have begun gaming with multiple monitors.  Gaming consoles form the back bone of a good gaming experience. Some of the popular consoled include Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PO3, and Nintendo. Apart from these gaming consoles, gaming system include peripheral devices like custom controllers, as well as other accessories.

Multiplayer interactive gaming, games where more than one player can play simultaneously can be further improved by increasing the visual display. This can be done by adding more monitors which is now relatively easy to do. This will require a graphic a card with two DVI and VGA ports. If using a laptop, an external VGA/DVI port is needed. In Windows, click open properties, and then click “Themes”. In the second monitor, find the option ‘Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”, and select it. This will enable you to use the second monitor from the first one. Games like Supreme Commander, Microsoft Flight Simulator can be enjoyed more on multiple monitors. There are number of monitors which include 3D capabilities which are a blast as well.  A quick search online will reveal a number of gaming systems available which include these options.