Mozart IP phones

The very first phone was invented in year 1876 by Alexander bell. Since then, many lighter and smaller phones have been evolved. Now people are addicted to using mobile phones. In today’s world complexities are increasing to a great extent. No one is interested in carrying a bulky mobile with them. Everyone is looking for a mobile device which should be smaller in size and should be capable of performing more functions and thanks to ever improving technology, this is now possible. One great advance has been the consumer version of IP Phones.   Particular in the business world, Mozart IP phones have really taken off.

Features of Mozart IP phones

Newer Mozart IP phones support the Skype application. These phones have a touch pad, LCD display, contact list and many other features. Older IP phones had an acrylic display and soft keypad. The new IP phones have standard features including call hold, transfer, dialing the numbers through using names and caller ID. They also support applications like weather reports, news and event manager where as these facilities were not available in older models of IP phones. These IP phones do have some disadvantages as well.  IP phones require a decent amount of electricity compared to a standard telephone and Mozart IP phones must connect to internet, which means a fast internet connection is required.  However, among the latest improvements include a wireless adaptor. Through these wireless adaptors, you can use internet and do not need a broadband connection.