Multiple Monitors Display

The answer to the question what is multi-monitor technology is simple and straight forward.  Multi-monitor technology refers to using multiple monitors instead of just one by running multi monitor software and compatible hardware. One very important factor while considering multiple monitors is the graphic cards that will be used. ATI FirePro cards are among the best in the markets. Up to 30 inch cards can be supported by these cards. If one is looking to play 3D games, may be other expensive options could be considered, for rest ATI can do the job. Another important thing to keep in mind while installing multiple monitors is the configuration. The configuration should exactly match the monitors. So the answer to what is multi-monitor  technology  involves both hardware and software. what are the benefits of multi-screens, well quite a handful. Multiple monitors such as 8 monitors have become the need when running applications which require multiple screens or when the amount of data is so much that it can’t fit into single screen. What are the benefits of multi-screens are pretty obvious when we think of places where multiple monitors provide a perfect solution are gaming industry, stock exchanges, security centers, advertizing display and others. When considering 8 monitors, different sizes and brands can be considered and there is no particular preference. Wide screens and flat panels is usually the norm. It is good to use same size monitors of same brand. That is going to give it uniformity but more importantly it will mean fewer load on the video cards as compared to when monitors of different models are used. Monitors for advertizing displays, and other usages are usually available in size of 24”, 23”, 21.5”, and 17”. The monitors are held by a compact stand.