What are the Benefits of Multi-Screens

The many benefits of multi-screens are varied and significant.  Productivity and a love for technology are two things that most web designers want and need.  The need for improvement in productivity and efficiency has led many designers to seek methods in technology that will improve their workflow.  The use of multiple monitors is an advantage for those who want to improve their productivity.

Numerous studies have been done over the years to try and calculate how multiple monitors benefit the productivity and can save several thousands of dollars per year. The studies have also shown that errors for workers have decreased and that the stress level for workers has also been significantly reduced. Because most designers will use multiple programs at any given time having multi-monitors benefits them greatly. If they are flipping back and forth between applications the multi-monitors saves enormous amounts of time and aggravation making it a lot more productive.

Another benefit to multi-monitors is the ability to keep Email or Twitter up on one of the screens. Professionals who are interested in being more accessible to their clients or to other professionals may find that the ability to use a second screen is beneficial and more feasible.

One screen could be used for the bulk of the work while the other screen could have email or Twitter opened all the time.  Use of a second screen for this purpose can add the benefit of being able to focus on the work and allow a quick scan of the email or twitter letting them respond promptly with a minor impact on the other work.  The benefit for designers who work from a laptop and may not stay at one location all day is that multi-screens work well with laptops and allows flexibility. A designer would be able to have a home office with a dual screen setup, but still give the flexibility to easily disconnect the second monitor and take the laptop to a different location.

Sharing data between applications could also be a benefit to having multi-screens. Sharing data such as copying code from one application to another is very common for most designers. Using multi-screens for the different applications is often easier than using multiple applications on one screen.  Multi-screens can also be beneficial when having a video conference. Many video conferences involve the use of other websites, charts or additional information that needs to be  seen during the video conference.

Using multi-screens can be beneficial when comparing different versions of designs or while working on multiple images. Being able to compare side by side using two screens instead of going back and forth makes this type of situation easier.  Another benefit to using multi-screens is that setting up a second or third screen is very simple in most situations. There are many sites that will give detailed directions for setting up multi-screens. Benefits and advantages of having multi-screens far outnumber the disadvantages, making it one of the most popular ways to improve productivity.