NEC 82 inch Large-Screen LCD wall

Are you considering setting up a large video wall display in your business, for a conference or for a trade show? If you so, the 82 inch Large-Screen LCD wall from NEC may be perfect. The NEC 82” Large-Screen LCD wall delivers a super professional performance on its large screen for both corporate and digital signage purposes. It provides a landscape view and its size is quite awe inspiring in person (as it’s almost 6 feet long and 3 feet high.) It’s bound to catch the attention of your perspective audience where you take it. To boot, it’s also high-definition, so your audience will be shocked at the picture you are able to use.
The NEC 82 inch large screen lcd wall has a high brightness feature that helps with ambient light and leads to less distractions while viewing and because of the fantastic contrast (2000:1), the blacks are deeper and the color depth is improved. Some other advantages include thermal protection fan-based technology and internal temperature sensors.
Because it’s NEC, it includes TileMatrix technology- this means you can create video walls with as many as 16 displays. And like all TileMatrix systems it works in tandem with TileCompex to create the perfect bezel. The end result is a seamless video wall. It’s absolutely stunning.
The NEC 82” Large Screen LCD wall can work in both portrait or landscape mode and include the wall calibrator, which is an automatic adjustment tool for multiple displays that help to create an amazing illusion of a single large display. Using xtraview, you can count on wide viewing angles and ambibright means automatic adjustment of the backlight so that the monitor enters power-saving mode when lighting falls below a predetermined value.
Another nice feature is called ‘Rapid response.’ The perks of rapid response is that it displays is that it provides ultra fast response times (in some cases as low as 4 ms.) This means you can deliver streaming video without that ghosting or blurring effect that you might catch on other screens , you can achieve as many as 250 frames per second. This means you can even use this screen for gaming or web video streaming

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ATI Multiple Monitors Flight Simulator Video Wall Display

applications. All this is possible with a one touch feature too, called NTAA or No Touch Auto Adjust which allows the monitor’s image setting to adjusted to optimal setting upon initial power on- SWEET! And the on screen display means easy to adjust elements of the screen image and simple to use on screen menus!
If you are considering getting a video wall, then there are not a lot of better options than the NEC 84 inch large screen display. Its quality and versatility can’t be touched. And while it’s price may not be for the faint of heart, those who do decide to place their bet on NEC’s top of the line technology won’t be disappointed. You can find NEC products and more at, where you’ll find a substantial discount on the above mentioned product as well!