Why I Started Using a Multiple Monitor Trading Computer

A few years ago, I had just gotten into the day trading business. Like most people that are new at a job

or skill it took me quite some time to start learning the ropes of things like how to maximize my profits. It was easy enough to start making my living- but I wanted to truly excel in this field. That’s why I started researching ways to grow profits. One of the first things I discovered is that most penny stock traders and FOREX traders were using a multiple monitor trading computer. I found this particularly interesting because I couldn’t really see the advantage of having all those screens in my face. I decided to track down some guys in my city to see if I could figure out what it was exactly that they were gaining from using a multiple monitor trading computer.

The first guy that I got in touch with invited me over to his office so he could show me what he was using and how it was beneficial. I thought this was pretty cool; I had to check it out. He was using a multiple monitor trading computer with 8 monitors- the largest video monitor array I had seen. Each screen, he explained, was assigned a particular function. He had email, a web browser, trading software, graphs and more. And instead of having to flip back and forth between each station, he could always glance up and see what was going on with any particular window. I thought this was pretty cool. I asked him about how he discovered the advantage of using a multiple monitor trading computer and he said that have been multiple studies done explaining why having multiple monitors are beneficial. He could remember who told him about multiple monitor trading computers exactly, but he was almost certain that it was after reading a case study that cited a large net profit that he decided to give it a try. He mentioned that he had other friends using multiple monitor setups as well. I asked if he would mind if I went and discussed these multiple monitor computers with them too and he said no problem. He set up a few appointments for me.
Apparently I had been living in a cave. After talking with several additional friends, I found out that using a multiple monitor trading computer is pretty much the main secret to success in the day trading business. I decided to try it out myself, so after hearing good things from several of the guys I talked with, I gave multi-monitors.com a call. Apparently they are the industry experts at all things multiple monitors, and multiple monitor trading computers are no exception.