Video Editing Station Multiple Monitors

If you’ve been editing video more over a decade then you know that 10 years ago it was simply a pipe dream to set up a video editing station with multiple monitors. For those that are unaware of why, here’s why- prices of video cards that we commonly use today for video editing were jus too damn expensive. Not mention the hard drives, RAM and other components of a multiple monitor computer system- they all just

cost too much money. So unless you already had a successful business, you were stuck trying to run resource hogging software on your Best Buy or Wal-Mart PC. While this may have been the best way to edit at the time, it was hardly the best way to edit your videos. Fortunately for you, the video editor, the cost of video editing station multiple monitor computers have come down dramatically, thanks to the decrease in production costs of multiple monitor computers.
Specifically speaking, video editing station multiple monitor computers are now designed to handle the strain of video editing software. While some might say they are still a wee-bit over priced, those of us the industry that rely heavily on video editing as an important component of our business know that having the right tools is absolutely essential to maintaining strong business growth. The fact is now you can buy a new video editing computer for less than what it would have cost you just to upgrade 10 years ago, and the advantage of having multiple monitors on your video editing station is going to be tremendous.
For CPU, most of the guys that I know are using Intel’s i5 and i7 chips as these provide the best processing power for your buck. For example, the Intel Core i5 will give you 3.2 GHz of dual-layer processing power. This is more than enough to provide the boost you need to run just about all of the resource taxing video editing software that the most popular video editors use. This is a great processor and one of the most popular in the industry, but it is an especially popular processor for those in the video editing business. It’s perfect for a video editing station with multiple monitors.
The 2nd most important aspect of your video edit station is going to be the RAM you use. Specifically speaking, you want to have at least 4 GBs of RAM to make sure that everything runs smooth. Often times those that are inexperienced in designing their own computers use computers with less RAM. It’s an unfortunate mistake- while it may save a few dollars up front, you’ll end up regretting just how much power you’ve lost if you choose to go with less RAM.
Of course, when it comes to building a great video editing station with multiple monitors, the video card(s) that you choose to use are going to play a tremendous roll in how well you can use your computer to function. The ATI HD5670 Graphics card that has 3 GB of GDDR5 and fits into a PCI express slot is an excellent choice. Both cost-wise and performance-wise, this is a great computer graphics card and works wonderfully for a video editing station with multiple monitors.
If you’re wondering where you can buy a computer like this prebuilt, there’s a website called that has all of these components at really reasonable prices. Moreover, their staff has been building multiple monitor Super-PCs for almost a decade and can help you design the perfect system for whatever your needs may be.