Triple Monitor Laptop

So, what kind of computer system are you using to run your business?  A few years ago, I got really sick of having to use multiple computers- I had a desktop at home and laptop that I used when traveling.  The primary purpose of having a desktop at home was that I like to use multiple monitors while I work.  There have been plenty of case studies done on why this is a good idea, but the main reason most people like this is because they more easily use multiple programs.  It just makes sense really, but we’ll talk more about this in a bit.  The problem though, is like I said before, I have to have 2 computers- and one of them was a laptop for traveling.  This could make things a big complicated because I would often find myself transferring information back and forth between computers.  This creates a few issues.  Number one, things get lost, files get corrupted and time consumption is quite obnoxious.  I finally discovered that a good solution for this was a triple monitor laptop.  It made a lot of sense, but unless you know how to set these up, it sounds kind of tricky.

Here’s the deal.  When you setup a normal multiple monitor computer, you typically use several graphics or video cards, so that you have the processing power (think GPU) and the outputs available for multiple screens.  The problem is that with a laptop computer you are far more limited on what you’re able to install.  That’s why you must understand what is actually required to make this happen.  Not everyone knows that there is actually a relatively simple solution to the problem of how to setup a triple monitor laptop and I’m going to share it with you.

The easiest and most cost efficient way to setup up a triple monitor laptop is to use an adapter.  There are a few that are available, but the most reliable and the one that most people use for their triple monitor laptop is made by a company called Maxtor.  They make a product called the TripleHead2Go- this is a basically a three way laptop output that can be plugged directly into your computer and extend your desktop on to as many as 3 different or additional screens.  The setup for the TripleHead2Go and triple monitor laptop is actually relatively simple- you can simply plug it in and then configure everything within your Windows control panel.  The whole process took me roughly 5 minutes to figure out and it has been working great ever since.

The advantage to having a triple monitor laptop is great.  Once a month (or thereabouts) when I travel, I can just unplug my laptop and take it with me to where ever I’m going, but on normal non-traveling days it works just as well as my original multiple monitor computer.  I’m no longer spending a lot of time transferring files back and forth and I don’t have to worry nearly as much about corrupt files either.  It has relieved a lot of stress associated with traveling and I really appreciate how having a triple monitor laptop has been a huge benefit to my business.

Now typically the number one question is, “where do I get a Maxtor TripleHead2Go, I don’t see them at Best Buy or Wal-Mart.”  You are correct, using a TripleHead2Go for your triple monitor laptop is not something that most companies want you to know about.  The easiest and best way to buy an adapter like the TripleHead2Go is to resource a company like  They have an awesome selection of multiple monitor products and know more about setting up your triple monitor laptop than any other company on the web.  You won’t be disappointed with your decision to source an expert on this matter.