Multi-Monitor PC

When my buddy describes how he was able to take his non-existent day trading business to a multiple million dollar powerhouse, he can tell you a number things that helped make his business a success, but probably the thing that sticks out the most to me is that he was able to do most of this on his own, without any type of formal education.  This is a great example of how anyone in the US can become successful through hard work and dedication.  One of the secrets that I was told help him achieve success was the use of a multi-monitor PC.  Unlike many of his competitors he is able to use a multi-monitor pc to PC to help balance his productivity while he is working.

Using a multi-monitor PC has a lot of clear advantages.  For my friend it is a better balance of productivity, but for many it is just about having to the freedom to multi-task on their PC without having to worry about lack of space.  The extra desktop turns into a huge advantage at times, especially for those that tend to run several computer programs at once.  Of course this is obvious for people like day traders and other types of stock brokers, but it is also true for those working outside of the financial sector.  In fact, there are a lot of fields where using a multiple monitor computer could be beneficial.

One field that finds multi-monitor PCs extremely useful is engineers, designers and architects that use programs like AutoCAD.  It is not uncommon for AutoCAD developers to actually have several of these awesome multi-monitor PCs setup so that they can work on multiple projects.  Multiple monitor PCs are great for engineers because they use are typically faster than the average computer (because they use some pretty premium parts!

Another field that uses a multi-monitor PC is the medical field.  They use them in a variety of ways too!  In recent years surgeons have actually started doing surgery via proxy using robotic tools.  This is cool because you hire the best surgeon in the country even if you live thousands of miles away.  These surgeons often use special setups that allow them to better picture what is going on with their patient.  They may have a 6 monitor computer that allows them to see the surgery site, the vital states of the patient and the environment of the proxy operating room.  It is quite amazing technology.

Teachers, particularly those in higher education settings, such as colleges and universities, have started to use a multi-monitor PC as well.  They’ve found that using a multiple monitor computer can help them better organize lectures and information that they are trying to pass along to their students.  Many of my instructors used as many as three screens to help convey information.  One may have been notes, the other details such as charts or graphs, and yet a third screen with detailed pictures.  This was extremely helpful for me as a student.  I found that having multiple monitors gave me more time to focus on getting the information down while the instructor could move through the lecture more easily.

As we’ve discussed, there are quite a few professions and uses for multi-monitor PCs.  Sometimes the use in the profession varies greatly, but the idea is typically always the same:  to make work more efficient while reducing wasted time.  In other words, we use multiple monitors because we want our work to be easier and done more effectively.  Fortunately multiple monitor PCs allow us to do this just by their nature.  It is a really cool concept and most people find multi-screen PCs a great additional resource when they are trying to think of ways to improve their business.  If you were unsure about purchasing a multiple monitor PC, now is the time to do it.  You can get a high-end multi-monitor PC at that will meet your needs!