The World’s Largest HD TV – Seen at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

If you’re passing through Charlotte Carolina any time soon, then you might see from the road what is now officially the world’s largest HD screen. It’s a monster that towers over the track and takes up a whopping 16 thousand square feet. Yes you read that right; it’s

about 8 times the size of a decent sized family home. Upon its introduction in May of last year (2011) they demoed the screen by allowing a few very select people to play a NASCAR video game. Now that’s something that I think all of us that grew up with Nintendo probably dreamed of at some point or another. The game they played was called iRacing. And it’s worth noting that the graphics on this beast are not too shabby in the resolution department either, at 720p. Ok, so it’s not quite as good as the Jerry-Tron’s 1080p (this is the slightly smaller screen found at the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium.) But it’s nothing to flame either. 720 is better than all of the old CRT TVs and monitors, and the early plasma screens were only 480 p.

On May 21 of 2011 the screen made its racing debut at the NASCAR Spring All-Star Race giving fans an exciting glimpse of the race that you wouldn’t be able to see unless you are at home. As sports fans there is nothing that we love to see more than replays, action shots, and zooming in to find out what really happened as they took turn #4. This mega screen gives you the opportunity to do just that. It creates an awesome environment to watch the screen live sports, but gives fans a chance to see above-mentioned attributes that they previously could only see if they were watching the event at home.

So what are the specs on what some have referred to as Godzilla-Tron? It’s about 200 feet wide and 80 feet tall. The idea is to create a screen that can be seen from anywhere within the grandstands- from turn 4 all the way to the front stretch and turn 2.

The announcement of plans to introduce the mega video wall were introduced by familiar NASCAR announcers Jeff Hammond and Mike Joy in a spectacle that included them arriving at the construction site on front-end loaders. The screen, which was actually completed before actual construction began in January of 2011, was actually made in China by Panasonic (also known for their mega screen in Time’s Square.

This screen creates what some refer to as the ultimate experience at a sport event, especially a live one. Whenever you combine the sharp detail that you get while watching at home, with the excitement of seeing the event live, you know that you’re getting something special and unique. As fans begin to become accustomed to these types of screens we’re going to see more and more of them and I for one am all for that.