How Multiple Monitor Control Rooms Run Our Government

You may not realize it, in fact you probably don’t, but right now you are being kept safe by a technology system that our government has not only embraced, but has put to use in
so many facets.  Where ever you might find a government run control room you can expect that there will be multiple monitor technology employed.  And fortunately, the technology is improving at such a rate that we have seen massive increases in the ability to set these systems up and also an improved functionality of these systems that make them operate more smoothly.

For example, government broadcast agencies use a multiple monitor control room to monitor incoming and outgoing feeds.  This type of control room wouldn’t be able to operate if it were not for multiple monitor systems that allowed controllers to view multiple screens at once.

This technology has been incorporated in many different types of government systems.  Another major system where this technology has been incorporated is our defense systems.  Government Navy, Army, Air force and Marines, all use multiple monitor systems for a variety of purposes.  Be in tracking, spying, monitoring, recording, weapons systems and more.  These multiple monitor control rooms save American lives by allowing the military to operate remotely.  This has been a key to our success abroad in recent years.

Weather monitoring and recording stations also rely heavily on multiple monitor computer systems.  When there are big earthquakes, storms or other catastrophic events, U.S. government has weather and natural disaster stations that actually record the details of these evens to help others prepare.  They use multiple monitors so that they can
monitor large amounts of data.  It is because of these multiple monitor systems that we are able to keep people safe and give early warnings that often times save lives.

Another area where multiple monitor systems play a key role in government is in mass transit control stations.  The ability to monitor which way trains are coming and going is absolutely essential to the health and safety of everyone on board these trains.  Multiple monitor systems help make that possible by making sure the operators and controllers can see every aspect of what’s going on during their shift.  Most people that ride mass transportation probably take for granted all the technical details of what goes on behind the scenes, but the fact of the matter is that without multiple monitor systems it wouldn’t be possible to run major transportation systems.

And last but certainly not least; were you aware that the people that manage your utilities need to use multi-monitor computers to make sure everything runs smoothly?  Whether it is your electricity, water, sewer or cable (OK electricity and cable aren’t government run, but for simplicity sake we’ll lump them all in the same group) using multiple screens is what makes it possible to manage millions of people’s utilities at once.  They rely on giant control rooms to help keep things moving along.

Regardless of which government agency you are talking about, governments use multiple monitor computer systems to help manage things more efficiently.  You probably never knew that you owe all of the things that you take for granted on big and powerful multiple monitor computer systems that make life better.  It is because of this technology that millions of people are kept safe, millions of people get to work, millions of people have electricity and millions of people have water.  It’s is because of these systems that we can live our lives with all the comforts that we’ve become so dependent on every day.