Trading Computers

Day traders are rocking the boat using new technology to become more efficient and better at what they do.  Trading computers is really a broad spectrum term that describes a computer designed specifically for day trading.  Generally speaking, a trading computer will have multiple monitors and feature both powerful CPU (central processing unit) and GPU (Graphic processing unit) technology.  They also tend use advance cooling systems which help maintain epitasis during periods of intense processing.  If you are a day trader, should you consider a trading computer?  Well the answer really depends on what you would like to get out of your computer system.

It wasn’t that long ago when “trading computers” was an unknown term.  Prior to 2003, day traders used typical machines that could be purchased from any retailer.  However, the specialization market came about and rocked the trading world they starting building super machines that could handle multiple monitors, multiple video cards and processes faster than ever before.  Now if you know anything about day trading, you know that it absolutely takes precision timing and effort to make trades and profit. The trading computer has increased the trader’s ability to do that because it uses the latest technology on the market.

Probably the best feature of a trading computer is its ability to handle multiple monitors.  Several traders that I know use monster 8 monitor machines that can run multiple serious resource taxing programs at the same time with so much as one second lag.  Now that’s power.  And it’s paying off too, as these guys have seen their profits skyrocket, simply because they are able to better multi-task and get more done during their (brief) workdays. It’s definitely a powerful advantage.

When I was talking to a good friend of a colleague of mine recently, he said that since he starting using a trading computer he was able to gain a 3% edge on profitability.  Now we won’t go into specific numbers because I don’t think he would appreciate that, but I can tell you this is no small amount of cash that he’s adding to his pockets every month.   Let us put it this way, his powerful multiple monitor machine appears to be reason he now owns a shiny brand new BMW M3 convertible (black on black leather interior… I digress.)  His profits are now soaring.

He purchased his machine from a well known multiple monitor and trading computer specialty company called which he says was able to provide him with exactly what he needed.  Overall, he had nothing but nice things to say about, but they include talking about their professionalism and ability to really narrow down what his exact needs were, when he was building his custom trading PC.

If you are considering getting a multiple monitor computer or trading computer then it is highly recommended that you check these guys out ( as they have tremendous reviews and you most certainly with no be disappointed with your trading pc.